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Paperback | Partridge Publishing (AuthorSolutions) |
Pub. Date: 2014-05-27 |  
Paperback: ISBN-13: 9781482833188
Hardcover | Partridge Publishing (AuthorSolutions) | 
Pub. Date: 05/27/2014
Hardcover: ISBN-13: 9781482833171
4.05 FEAR 
(Extacts from Eddies of Life)

More despicable nothing ever be,
Than respect based on fear truly;
Fear – not the natural state can be,
Of civilized people or any society.
[43] - 4
Collective fear as herd instincts be,
Ever tending to produce ferocity,
Towards others who not members be,
Of their herd or of their society.
[44] - 4
Most destructive element of Humanity,
Fear in human mind over-powering be,
Fear creates aggressiveness unflinchingly,
And the silence terrifies most fearfully.
[45] - 4
Fear creates aggressiveness unheedingly,
Fear the most destructive element be,
Fear not natural state of civilized man be,
Yet Fear an emotion crucial for survival be.
[46] - 4
Fear on the foundation of worry be,
Fear reinforced by choosing safety,
Fear in the whelm of inadequacy be,
Fear produces one’s own ferocity.
[47] - 4
Fear’s birth in corridors of darkness be,
Silence terrifies people the most clearly,
Fear in the unknown and of future be,
Growing in the shadows of lies fully.
[48] - 4
Dispelling fear but knowledge be,
Replacing our doubts completely,
Nothing need be feared undoubtedly,
But must be comprehended absolutely.
[49] - 4
Greed by compassion overcome be,
It but asks for sharing unflinchingly,
Fear by kindness triumphant over be,
It calls for gratefulness and love only.
[50] - 4
Opposite of ignorance knowledge be,
As unconsciousness to awareness be,
The other side of fear freedom be,
Similarly akin to night as the day be.
[51] - 4
Fear dispelled by belief understandingly,
Turn the lights on in darkness knowingly,
Eradicate your fear by living deeply,
With the removal of fear you live only.
[52] - 4
 Keep your fears to yourself completely,
But share inspiration with others openly,
Weep not for past which unchangeable be,
Fear not the future – live in present only.
[53] - 4
Judge your age by the pain you feel,
When in contact with a new idea you be,
Without darkness no birth does be,
As without light nothing flowers surely.
[54] - 4

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