Monday, July 21, 2014



Peace - overcoming evil with good be,
Peace - overcoming falsehood with truth be,
Peace - overcoming hate with love clearly,
Peace - in hearts and minds of people be.
[238] - 3B
For Peace - love and sacrifice for it readily,
For Peace - strive to build it unhesitatingly,
For Peace - shun war understandingly,
For Peace - strive and work for it earnestly.
[239] - 3B
The more man sweats for the humanity,
The less he bleeds in war of societies,
Peace through peaceful means achieved be,
In nuclear age Peace the way of survival be.
[240] - 3B


Hatred goes not by hatred,
Violence not by violence,
Disappear hatred and violence,
By love, understanding, non-violence.
[241] - 3B
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